Electrical & Electronic Educational Training System

Decades of Experience, A Century of Development

Over the last decade, the rapid of growth of technology has taken the world by storm and has impacted every single industry in more ways than one. In the field of electrical and electronics, engineers today are required to be technologically savvy and able to utilise advance solutions in their daily operations.

With over two decades of electrical and electronics experience, Worldsoft Technologies has just the right combination of proprietary training kits plus lecture modules to nurture and educate the next generation of engineers.

WST-STI-200 Sensor Training Instrument

The system suitable for "sensor principle", "automatic detection technology", " Non-electric electricity measurement technology "," industrial automation instrumentation and control ", and " mechanical measurement " experimental teaching.

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WST-DCSC-300 Industrial Full Digital DC Speed Control System

Industrial full-digital DC speed control system experimental device consists of mesh board control panel, Siemens latest digital DC governor, Siemens TP177B touch screen, Siemens S7-300 CPU, distributed IO, DC excitation power, DC motor, load and tachometer rail.

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WST-EM-2 Motor System Teaching Experimental Bench

The system mainly composed of adjustable AC power supply, digital AC measuring instrument, DC adjustable power supply, transformer, adjustable resistance, switch board and rotary indicator light, digital DC meter, speed, torque measurement unit.

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WST-MLEC-500 Multi-Level Elevator Control Model

Combined multi-layer elevator control model consists of traction system, guidance system, door system, car system, counterweight system, electric drive system, electrical control system.

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