IoT Educational Training System

Connecting Everything, Discover Anything

The Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer an utopian concept. Everything and anything is now truly connected through the tips of our fingertips and it’s full capabilities are starting to dramatically change the way we live our lives. From the smart homes of Los Angeles to the tropical rainforest in Thailand, we are now connected to each other more than ever before.

At Worldsoft Technologies, we are embracing this new revolution by bringing our technological expertise into the IoT industry. We believe the future technocrats hold the key in unlocking the sensors and connectivity science to its full potential. Our state-of-the-art IoT education training kits are designed for one purpose – to equip the future technological movers with the right tools and knowledge to embrace the ever intertwining world of IoT.

WST-IoT-1000 Internet of Things (IoT) Experimental Box

A great computer / communication related professional college students teaching and experimental platform. It is designed based on wireless technologies from Texas Instruments (TI), includes RF433M (CC1110), ZigBee (CC2530), BLE (CC2540), and Wi-Fi (CC3200).

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WST-IoT-2000 Internet of Things (IoT) Project Practical Kit

This is an innovative IoT hand on practical kit provides hardware module kit that each can create a complete IoT application, example of applications is smart home, intelligent agriculture, intelligent security, intelligent medical, smart city, intelligent factory (Industrial 4.0) etc.

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WST-IoT-3000 Internet of Things (IoT) Application Kits

Application platform for innovative teaching and researching of IoT technologies. It is a useful for various training courses, such as embedded system design, internet of things (IoT), mobile internet and innovative consumer products design.

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