Optoelectronic Educational Training System

A Bright Future - The Foundation of the 21st Century

In today’s evolving Information Age, one of the most critical foundations of our rapid surge in technology has been the optoelectronic industry. Developments in this field are crucial and can be seen in the expansion of markets for optical communications, data storage, sensors, imaging and computing.

The optoelectronic technology’s future is very bright indeed as on-going advances in optics and photonics are the very tools to shape the 21st century. WorldSoft Technologies invest in solutions to allow the next generation of engineers the opportunity to learn about the applications of photons, electric fields and solid-state lasers and expand its potential through integration with other technologies and real world applications.

WST-CCD-100 Linear Array CCD Experimental Instrument

CCD sensor is popular in practical engineering application, physics, measurement and control, photoelectric information...

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WST-OTTP-1000 Optoelectronic Technology Training Platform

Optoelectronic technology training platform is developed for application design of optoelectronic devices. The system includes application modules, design modules, digital meters and equipped with...

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WST-OTTP-2000 Photoelectric Device and Photoelectric Technology Integrated Design Platform

Open experimental teaching content designed will enhance students in-depth understanding of the basic theory, comprehensive grasp of comprehensive skills, improve research and engineering capabilities...

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WST-OTTP-3000 Comprehensive Training Platform for Optoelectronic Courses

Powerful experimental platform for optoelectronics learning include optoelectronic technology experiments, basic optical experiment, CCD test and application experiments, MCU development experiment...

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