System Integration Solutions

Automating Automation

Worldsoft Technologies Sdn Bhd is the System Integration division of Tekmark Group. We specialise in automated test and measurement systems, developing both software and test systems for our clients.

Our team of dedicated engineers are equipped with a broad range of skills that includes software, systems and enterprise architecture, software and hardware engineering, interface protocols, and general problem solving skills. With the right combination of hardware + software + people - Worldsoft has the right formula to tackle the toughest electronic test issue – faster and at a lower cost.

Our core business activities involve the following:
  • System Integration and Development Projects
  • Development of new system products
  • Research & Development (in collaboration with Technical Panel)
  • Exploration new markets and technologies

Our Success Story

In 2015, Clarion (M) Sdn Bhd, the leading vehicle infotainment technology provider engaged Worldsoft Technologies through a joint technical effort to integrate their infotainment system. Tremendous effort and resources were put into this project to ensure it was a success.

Our team successfully provided infotainment functionality test solution such as AM/ FM, speaker, MIC, RVC, CD, USB test and etc. The total system design included instrument, rack, custom design switching box and wiring. For us to customize to Clarion’s production requirements, we created an automated software using Keysight Test Exec SL that provide flexibility for the customer to modify and develop their own test plan.

Our Value Adds

  • 3D’s: Design, Develop & Deploy
    • Open Sourced Software Concept
    • As much Off The Shelf Hardware as possible
    • Test Plan Development and Debugging
  • Complete Project Management from concept to system on-line.
  • Expertise as a consultant to research, design and recommend the right solutions for your needs.
  • Professional and responsible with proper project deliverables:
    • Statement of work (SOW)
    • Circuit/Block diagram
    • Rack Layout
    • Gantt Chart
  • Comprehensive post-installation, training and integration support

Test Automation Platform

The Keysight KS8400A Test Automation Platform (TAP) 2017 Developer’s System software provides powerful, flexible and extensible test sequence and test plan creation with additional capabilities that optimize your test software development and overall performance. Keysight TAP is a modern Microsoft .NET-based application that can be used stand-alone or in combination with higher-level test executive software environments. Leveraging C# and the power of Microsoft Visual Studio, TAP is not just another programming language. It’s a platform upon which you can build your test solutions, maximizing your team’s productivity by using your existing software development tools and infrastructure.
  • Fast execution and test flow analysis - TAP’s core engine is designed for speed-optimized execution. Additional tools provide visualization, analysis and insights to maximize your overall test flow performance.
  • User interfaces - TAP provides a graphical user interface (GUI) so that both beginning and experienced programmers can quickly construct test plans consisting of multiple test steps. Flow operations are supported, along with parallel testing. Complex hardware setups and switching are implemented using the Connection Manager. A command line interface (CLI) is also provided for integration with other manufacturing applications, as is a full Application Programing Interface (API) to efficiently integrate, add-on and customize with unlimited possibilities.
  • Modular “plug-in” software architecture - Test steps, instrument/DUT (device under test) interfaces, and result storage are architected as plug-ins. You can build unique test solutions quickly using the provided plug-ins. Or, for additional flexibility, adapt and modify the provided plug-ins for your applications. You can also create new plug-ins to optimize your application.
  • Microsoft .NET test step development - TAP makes it easy to implement new test steps and plug-ins leveraging Microsoft Visual Studio and .NET.

Keysight Measurement Framework (KMF) KS 9000

The KS9000 Keysight Measurement Framework (KMF) 2017 software provides an easy to use software framework for rapid test solution development using Microsoft’s Visual Studio .NET environment. With KMF you can develop high-performance, scalable test measurement solutions which take full advantage of parallel processing multi-core CPUs for fastest measurement processing and testing speeds. KMF provides core framework libraries, Visual Studio developer tools, and measurement processing plugins that deliver trusted Keysight measurement algorithms in a componentized .dll form.

Key benefits

KMF is designed to make your test software measurement development simpler, faster and scalable as your needs evolve.
  • Development Speed - An easy-to-use .NET API makes standard measurement tasks easy and complex/highly-optimized measurement configurations possible.
  • Measurement Speed - Each measurement component (plugin) is optimized for speed of test, to improve productivity in DVT and volume in manufacturing.
  • Measurement Accuracy - KMF components use the same algorithms as Keysight’s trusted X-Series. Measurement Applications to ensure accurate and consistent results across all phases of your product development cycle.
  • Lower Cost of Test - Purchase only the measurements you need and easily add or upgrade individual plugins as your needs evolve. Measurement plugin binary compatibility enables targeted updates and additions for fine detailed control of your solution.
  • Scalability - With its lightweight software footprint and standard .NET API, it’s easy to incorporate just one measurement or add many measurements to augment your solution. KMF does not require your solution architecture to change.
  • Hardware Abstraction - KMF includes an optional hardware abstraction layer that allows for changes in test hardware (benchtop to modular, for example) without the need to make changes to your KMF measurements.