Telecommunication Educational Training System

Building Communication Innovators

As the pace of technological change becomes exponentially faster, the ability to keep up with the telecommunication technology trends become much more difficult. Digital and mobile technologies are at the forefront of this revolution as the demand for higher bandwidth and greater data increases. The explosion of connected devices will surely connect the world in ways that we have never seen before.

At Worldsoft Technologies, our solutions are designed to groom our students to be change and trendsetter of this industry by providing them with the foundation of communication to advanced subjects, from LTE to 5G technology. With the right tools, our next generation of engineers will be able to meet the high demands of the fastest moving industry at the moment.

WST-MCTS-100 Mobile Communication Training System

Mobile communication training system is designed for "mobile communication" curriculum requirements with real "CDMA system" and "GSM system" as main line.

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WST-CTS-100 Communication Training System

The system is designed for student continuous learning and research in communication. The system provides modularized teaching platform with safe and secure system learning environment.

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WST-DSP-100A Digital Signal Processing

Digital signal processing (DSP) designed based on characteristics study of "signal and system" and "digital signal processing" it combined with digital signal processing technology and DDS technology.

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WST-OFC-100 Optical Fiber Communication Training System

The system is a standard modular high-performance experimental system based on modern application and innovation platform of communication technology.

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